I’ve been training and doing athletics for a long time, I even have a Masters Degree in the field (that I still need to put to use haha) Over the years of trial and error, education, and the school of hard knocks I’ve picked up a few things.  Below are some of the devices and publications that have helped me and many of my clients! I’m confident these many of these will assist in your training too


Books on Movement and Strength

This book should be everyone's first strength training book! Robert Dos and Bike Boyle start you off on the right foot keeping you injury free, balanced, and powerful.

Cal Dietz changed the way a look at training power. This is and continues to be one of those books that change everything you thought you knew

If you want to nerd out on human movement this is the book for you.

Books on Rehab and Prehab

This is an amazing book I use on my recovery days and right before i go to bed. If it works for Sanya Richards Ross it works for me

If it wasn't for this book I don't think id be walking let alone pole vaulting 

I just started using some of the Mobility exercises in this book and have felt some amazing differences. I'll keep you posted

Books on Nutrition

When you eat your food is just as important as what to eat for performance. Weird huh?

A good partner book to go with nutrient timing

Dry in some spots but tons of good information

Training Gear


Everyone needs a Roller! I've had this one for 3 years, still awesome and travels well!


Another tool I keep in my bag that helps with mobility training. You wont find me at a meet with out a few of these

I've upgraded to this mean looking roller. This is the exact roller I strap to my bag to really dig in and get those Trigger points 


I've Love and hate these things. It's perfect for workouts and circuits you might need to do at home or at the gym. I'm a firm believer and functional movement and these are right at home.

Another Variation to get those deep trigger points with self massage. A pack of 6 is perfect since you can tape 2 together to work both sides of your vertebra. I keep a few of these in my bag at all times! 



You could get a slide board for hundreds of dollars, or "Workout" slide pads for 50 bucks...or get these! Same exact thing but they were made for moving furniture. These go great for home circuits or those recovery days at the gym or track. 

Few things I use that I get asked about

Triple 8 has been the best Helmet I've ever used.

Lots of Vaulters get that bruise on their bottom forearm. Evo Shield keeps you pain free

A Few of my Favorite Websites for Training Tnformation

If you know anything about me, you know I need scientific data backing up claims. Freelap pumps out tons of research based articles that read a lot like literature reviews on anything and everything training! I visit the site daily.(Click on the picture to read some interesting articles)


Speed endurance is another pretty good site. Some of the articles are very sciency with others being good discussions from accredited coaches. I recommend clicking the pictures to check out both sites!

The USTFCCCA education program is the best schooling you will find. I've completed the Jumps specialist certification and at the end of it all I kept thinking is

" I wish my masters degree was like this" 

If you have the opportunity to take any of the courses do it! If you have the privilege of listening to Boo Schexnayder you'll leave an inspired and different human being. 

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