Monthly Training Plans

Training And Weight Programs

Individualized and general programs are available with options of just weights, training or a combination of both.

Not only have I learned elite level techniques in the classroom but I implement them with my own training

I work diligently with you to determine a plan of action within your unique constructs.

In the Individual option you will fill out a comprehensive health and training history form and be in contact with me prior and during your training to insure I help you reach your training goals. A few examples of the questions are

  • Goals Examples: Improve Speed, Lose Weight, Improve Mobility, Build Endurance, Etc

  • Time Commitment Examples: Number of Days Per Week, Number of Hours Per Day

  • Available Facilities and Equipment Examples: Track, Weight Room, Hills, Stairs, Sleds, Etc

  • Health Issues and Injuries Examples: Low back pain, Shoulder Pain, Asthma, Diabetic, Etc

In Contrast

Cost of Personal Training:    1 session = $60-$100

My Plan:  $149.99/30 days = 1 session = $4.99 or cheaper!

There have been a number of athletes who have found huge success with the programs. Check out the testimonial page to see for yourself!