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Team Hoot Elite are individuals who lead by example using the Team Hoot philosophy. They follow the road less traveled and have found success doing so.

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There is no way I would be able to do what I do without the help and support of the people and groups below.


First and for most I have the best parents in the whole world. In the summer before my final semester of grad school, only three months recovered from a bad depression and in the past 2 years I only jumped 17 feet. I told them I wanted to give pole vault the attention it deserves before I hang it up. In my mind, grad school, work, relationships ect were hindering my progress. Without hesitation they told me to move back home so food and shelter would be an expense taken off my plate. My mom and I have learned how to be travel agents together, My Dad has been one of the best training partners anyone could ask for, and together they remind me that I can do anything that I want to do If you're determined and creative. Together my parents are my most important sponsors primarily in the fact that when my flame was at its lowest they gently gave it some air. 

Flight Deck Athletics (Steve and Caroline White) were the first people I called after making the decision to move down to Minneapolis. They both have a hell of a reputation for for coaching the pole vault and Steve has been known as a Guru of the 2nd half the the vault. Since 2012 they have been my vault coaches and incredible friends. If they hadn't accepted me into their training group, my life would look vastly different today. 

I told myself that if I jumped 17 feet my Sr year of college I would continue pole vault for a few more years. From 2010-2014 I've vaulted for Team NoDak, a club Stevie Keller (My College Vault Coach) created for post collegiate athletes to continue in track and field. Not only did Stevie give me the opportunity to continue this sport, but he gave me the reins to experiment running a club, creating camps and see what I could do with the club. Without  Stevie Keller and Team NoDak I believe I would have hung up my spikes in 2010. 

Twin Cities Track Club is relatively new to to Team Hoot but in it's short time it's had a huge impact. Mike Reneau  and TCTC has a mission to promote health and wellness in the community through Track and Field. From the moment I met Mike I could tell he looked at things in a different way. He danced to the beat of a different drum,created his own path. This is abundantly apparent when you watch the Brits Pub Vault video. It's the most unique Pole vault event in the history of the sport.  I for one am happy to be on the path with him to see where it leads. 

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