My 14 Go-To Inspirational Youtube Clips

Some days you just need that little kick in the ass to remind you that you are never trapped and life is being created 1 moment at a time. When ever I start to feel a little trapped or my options aren't as vast as they used to be, I watch a few of these and surprisingly my inspiration and enthusiasm levels seem to be refilled. I just thought that if they helped me it might do whoever is reading this some good too!

Let me know what one is your favorite.

Life Changers

These are the videos I discovered when I was at this big transition in my life. Something about them sings to me to trust my instincts. 



How can you not dig Jeb Corliss and ?



I used these heavily when I was coming out of a depression. Truth is I've realized I couldn't fight depression, I could learn to dance with it though! These were a big part of my life at one time and and will always remind me of the progress to where I am now. 

Have some favorite videos? Leave them below in the comments! Sharing is cool!