My 14 Go-To Inspirational Youtube Clips

Some days you just need that little kick in the ass to remind you that you are never trapped and life is being created 1 moment at a time. When ever I start to feel a little trapped or my options aren't as vast as they used to be, I watch a few of these and surprisingly my inspiration and enthusiasm levels seem to be refilled. I just thought that if they helped me it might do whoever is reading this some good too!

Let me know what one is your favorite.

Life Changers

These are the videos I discovered when I was at this big transition in my life. Something about them sings to me to trust my instincts. 



How can you not dig Jeb Corliss and ?



I used these heavily when I was coming out of a depression. Truth is I've realized I couldn't fight depression, I could learn to dance with it though! These were a big part of my life at one time and and will always remind me of the progress to where I am now. 

Have some favorite videos? Leave them below in the comments! Sharing is cool!



Must Read Books to Help Answer Lifes Questions

If you're looking for something that will tweak the way you think about life than here are a slew of books in semi random order. I've always dug books of people who think different or force me to do the same. Check it out!


I have this audio-book on my Ipod and seem to listen to it at least twice a year. Kevin smith is natural born story teller who mixes inspiration and fart jokes. Its a win win


Another book about how powerful the mind can be. A Psychiatrist as well as a Holocaust survivor is a unique perspective. As Frankl is living life in a concentration camp he chronicles the his experiences of himself and other inmates. Lots of good advice and perspective.


My dad snuck me George Carlin CDs when I was a kid. From that moment on Carlin's voice has been imprinted in my DNA. George is as brilliant as he is funny. He can make you laugh at anything from simple things like food to important issues like gay rights, or abortion. Love or hate him he was one of a kind.


Another book Caroline gave me for Christmas 2013. I recommend this book to everyone. It's permanently on my ipod as an audiobook and there is a copy close by in my room. Every time I read The Alchemist I pick up something new I missed. It's one of those books that will Change your life. It has mine


Malcolm Gladwell 

Malcolm Gladwell is one of my favorite authors. He throws fun facts and interesting research into is writing. One example is the 10,000 hour rule in outliers where he talks about the Beatles and how in the beginning they sucked just like every other band starting. The difference is they played together...a lot! Roughly around when they made it big they practiced together around 10,000 hours. This is one of the many examples where each book is a treasure. 


Eckhart Tolle

There was this summer I was at my best friend Sams cabin with his parents. I said something about quantum mechanics and surprisingly Sams mom and i had about a 2 hour talk on quantum physics, mindfulness, meditation and stuff you just don't talk about every day. 2 weeks later she showed up with a bag full of books including "A New Earth". It took another 2 years to open it and when I did i read it twice through, Read a power of now and than read another copy of a new earth. It seemed to have a very unique perspective about life based on Buddhist teachings that really struck a chord. Add it to your list now! 

Bonus Books 

Super Nerdy Books


Favorite Books to Get You Started in Zen

I might have lied, these books may answer some of lifes questions but with any great quest you'll come out with more questions than you went in with.

What books do you recommend? Let me know in the comments!

(All the links are Amazon affiliate links. I don't get paid promote to any of these books I just want to share some things that have helped me! If you do decide you want to buy one or more of these books if you click the link here a small portion goes to me so I can keep this website going. It doesn't cost you anything except your awesomeness)