People always ask "Now that you you have your Masters Degree, what are you going to do with it?" I usually reply, "I'm going to hang it on my wall". 

In 2010 I placed 5th at the US championships and the following year had shoulder surgery which slowed down my progress. At the end of the 2012 season I was vaulting better than I ever have and just missed qualifying for the Olympic trials by a week. The 2013 season I jumped 18 feet a couple times and placed 5th at the USATF indoor championship meet! Progress continued where I jumped 5.55 (18’2.5) at the USATF Indoor Championships placing 2nd! It solidified that my decision to not get a “real job” and continue chasing this goal was the right choice.

All the while I was making a weekly YouTube Vlog which started for the enjoyment of my friends and family and a little way to document how my training was going. After a few short months I had a larger following than I could have ever expected from all over the world! At the beginning I was sending tips and training to the few athletes who followed my vlog and was happy to do it. Now I have roughly 50+ people contacting me every week which makes it very time consuming…Unfortunately I don’t have the time to review videos and write training for free anymore.

Instead of stopping completely I decided I would use my Masters Degree in Health, Nutrition and Exercise Science for what it is intended for! It started  writing training programs for athletes from home and the idea has morphed into a traveling camp and even public speaking opportunities! It's extremely gratifying knowing I can help people all over the world while I get to do something a truly enjoy.

 Shawn Francis

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