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This idea was masterminded by Daniel Ryland himself. The man has a personal best of 5.85 (19'2) and worked with the world renowned Earl Bell for many years!  In 2016 I went down to Ryland Pole Vault in Flordia RYLANDPOLEVAULT on the beautiful Grayton Beach and as you guessed we talked all things pole vault. We talked about how the sport has seemed to hit a plateau, how the masters vaulters weren't given enough credit for their accomplishments, and how to level the playing field so the old guys can compete with the young guys.

Daniel told me about this idea where you would take the athletes age multiplied by their PR in meters which would give you a pole vault score. That score was then yours and you could compare it to your younger self and others around the world! 


Daniel jumped 5.85 when he was 25 years old

Season Pr 5.85x Age 25 = Pole Vault Score 146.25

Today Daniel is 37 years old so he would need to jump 3.95 meters to jump his best pole vault score

37 x 3.95 = 146.25

Another example

Bubba Sparks in 2017 won the world masters Championship at 63. His PB that season is 3.51

63 x 3.51 = 221.13!

For someone to match that they would have to jump 6.16 meters (the current world record) at the age of 35!

*** For women add 1 meter to your height

a 5 meter jump for a women to me is a equivalent to a 6 meter jump for a guy!

The funny thing about the pole vault is when you're young you have all this physical potential but you're still figuring out the sport, but as you figure it out your physical ability starts to decrease. This levels out the playing field!

I'd love to see everyone's score! Fill out the info below and let's see everyone's scores from all around the pole vault community in the comments!


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Take your PR in meters and multiply it by your age Ex 4.00m x 16 = 64 64 is your pole vault score! Mondo would be 5.90x 17 = 100.3 *** ladies, dont forget to add 1 meter to your height

Up next is Daniels Idea for a pole vault score card! Be ready!

Team Hoot