We Conquer Dreams

Team Hoot was created at an interesting time in my life. I spent 8 years in college rigorously working to achieve my Masters Degree in Biomechanics. What I remember most is how much I hated it.  I was half way through my thesis when I had a weird realization that went something like "Hey Shawn, What are you going to do with your Masters once you have it? You don't know? Then why are you spending so much time suffering through this?"  I didn't have the answer, and after some deep thought I came to the conclusion that I was chasing a dream that past conditioning and society had planted in my mind, a dream that wasn't even mine. Why does it seem alright to suffer through life right now in hopes that someday I’ll enjoy it more in the future? It seemed to me that a lot of my life was being wasted and as I finished my Masters, I started making changes in my life.

 After graduating I went on this journey, an experiment if you will, where I would try to allow my Instincts to take the lead instead of my thoughts. Fighting my mind every step of the way, I moved back home with my parents, started pole vaulting full time and began making YouTube Vlogs. Surprisingly, within a short time I was competing internationally, my YouTube Channel started taking off, I was writing training for people all over the world and Team Hoot was created (accidentally)

You see, unbeknownst to me, my vlogs were inspiring people. Not because of international travel, medals or video editing, but because of the shift where I broke free from conventional thinking and followed my intuition. I've found that when people witness the  shift, it wakes up that part of  you that has been dormant for so long. I'm not the first person to do this, in fact, The Team Hoot philosophy is combination of ideas from various authors and books who have inspired the awakening in me. Reawakening your inspiration represents a very simple idea and the one where Team Hoot was born and continues to grow. 

The point is that we all have dreams, but rarely if ever do we stop and ask where they came from. I've found that there is this voice inside of everyone, it may not speak a language you're familiar with if you haven't been listening to it for a while, but it's always there guiding you to what truly makes you happy. Team Hoot has become a community of individuals dedicated to waking up that part of you and Trusting it. 

We at Team Hoot Conquer Dreams, Old and New

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