You were given one whole life to experience Fully

| My goal is to get people there |

We do this through Visual Story Telling and Education.

One whole life Media (O.W.L)

  • We've worked with multi million dollar companies, charities, restaurants, small businesses and even kids birthday parties. If you have a story that needs to be told visually, we're here help you tell it.

Team Hoot Pole Vault

  • We've been extremely involved in the sport of pole vault since 2001. As a professional pole vaulter Shawn was one of the top pole vaulters in the nation. Since then he has become a highly sought after coach and educator around the world all while running a successful Pole Vault channel on Youtube.

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O.W.L Mental Health

  • I was once told that Mental Health is the skeleton in everyone closet the no one talks about. For 25 years, I was one of those people. In late 2014 I decided to talk about my struggles with depression and as hard as it was, it's been the most life changing and wonderful thing in my life. Through YouTube, public speaking and Team-Hoot being another avenue for people to get help, I would have never imagined this thing that caused me so much pain has been a vehicle for good.


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